Grandmas as Flower Girls and Bridesmaids? These 5 Brides Did It!

The Knot Blog

There’s nobody who is as loving, cool and sweet as your grandma, right? These five brides, profiled by the NY Times, thought so — and then some! Lana Arthur, Jenny Iles Wood, Sarah Jamieson, Jennifer Wallach and Jamie Jacobs decided that their grandmothers meant too much to them to leave them out of the wedding party and made them flower girls, bridesmaids and matrons of honor.

While it’s not unusual for some couples to give close family members a role in their wedding ceremony by asking them to give a reading, or have them wear a special corsage or boutonniere, we have to admit that the bride’s grandma in the bridal party is a bit unexpected, but these brides’ grandmothers were naturals, according to them.

Lana and her fiance, Michael, wanted all of their attendants to be family members, and after their grandmothers joked about being the flower girls, it totally…

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