REAL STORIES: A Modern Blue and Purple Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

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WITH THE COMING OF THE NEW YEAR, we’re ready to renew and refresh our blog presence beginning with, well, blogging! Duh! The last few months of 2014 were a blur of parties and events, and sadly, hopping on the blog and sharing the journey wasn’t as often as we like it to be. But we know you understand as we all get a little bogged down from time to time, right?

We ARE grateful to see that after 35 years in the weddings and events business, Evantine is not only still relevant, but THRIVING! Many, many wonderful changes are ahead of us this year, but one of those changes will be to see the end of one of our dearest event partnerships. Well, not the end, per se. Just a major shift that will require the end of a glorious era while we wait {impatiently} for the birth of a new one. Of…

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REAL STORIES: Celebrating Club Cory on this Mitzvah Monday!

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Happy Mitzvah Monday! The weekend is behind us and we are happy to proclaim that we managed to survive another absolutely AH-mazing mitzvah party! When you produce the detailed, labor-intensive events that we do, day in and day out, it can get a little stressful. But all that passion for producing the impossible in a matter of hours is what we live for! Cory’s Modern Mitzvah this past Saturday at Meadowlands Country Club was another example of that passion. We designed and produced an experience that not only WOWED Cory’s guests from the moment they arrived, but kept them engaged and energized right up until the last sweet second. Always wonderful to get a note like this from your client:

Thank you Brian and Evantine Design for creating such an amazing night. The room was spectacular. You are a pleasure to work with and your vision and creativity is like no…

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COMMUNITY: Style and Substance Exist with Philadelphia’s Most Prestigious Gala, The Ball on The Square

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Purple Event Lighting Crystal Centerpieces Bling Candlestick holders purple flowers gala design

Time sure does ZOOM by when you’re busy planning parties and we’ve had some biggies this year already!  Hard to believe it’s time for Ball on The Square, one of the most prestigious non-profit gala events in Philadelphia. As there is always much to do for this spectacular evening, our design team has already begun the installation of tents, air-conditioning, staging, sound and lighting. But instead of focusing on the long hours and detailed production in progress, let’s take a quick look at last year’s glamorous Ball on The Square for inspiration. {Photos: Marie Labbancz}

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